Reed's Extra Ginger Ale Zero Sugar

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0 calories. Contains No: gluten, GMO's; preservatives or caffeine. 0 Net Carbs Per Serving: (Eryhtritol carbs have no calories or effect on blood sugar). Non GMO Project verified.

America's no. 1 ginger beer. Made from fresh ginger. Craft ginger beer.  100% more ginger than original for extra bite. Enjoy our world-famous, Jamaican-inspired recipe, made with Real fresh ginger root and now with zero sugar and zero calories. Perfect straight-up or mixed. Reed's pioneered craft ginger beer in the US and remains America's best-selling choice. Reed's is packed with fresh ginger - known globally for its many health benefits and stimulating properties. Reed's Zero Sugar refreshes with an invigorating ginger bite, a surprisingly smooth finish and a warm afterglow. It is sweetened naturally with a proprietary blend of sweeteners. Nothing artificial - no preservatives, artificial sweeteners, or GMO ingredients. Medium spice level. Smooth.

24/12oz Cans